#AWorldWhere global access to sexual and reproductive health and rights is a reality – campaign launch

Join us on Instagram on June 13 at 4pm CET, to launch our new campaign #AWorldWhere together with Liana Abdikarimova, IPPF EN youth activist, MEP Alice Kuhnke and Bénédicte Joan, feminist activist from the Ivory Coast.

We believe we are members of an interconnected society and what affects one of us, affects us all. Everyone in society has the right to live with dignity and we believe it is our collective responsibility to ensure we all do.

During this event, our guests will share their reflections on how the world could look like if sexual and reproductive health and rights needs are met globally and what we need from European policy makers to achieve this.

What can you expect? We will be talking about strengthening healthcare systems, achieving gender equality, combatting gender-based violence and how our communities can change for the better if we work together to redesign systems so that they work for everyone.

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This is the first of a series of events under the umbrella of the #AWorldWhere campaign aiming to drive Europe’s global commitments on sexual and reproductive health and rights, to meet Sustainable Development Goals targets, advance gender equality and strengthen health systems. #AWorldWhere is a Countdown 2030 Europe initiative driven by 15 leading European non-governmental organisations advocating for sexual and reproductive freedom worldwide.