• Young people can change the world, if we let them

    • September 29, 2016
    • Finland
    • European voice
    • Youth

    “I want to change the world!” declared Ulriika Hyry, a young feminist in the beginning of the videos’ launch event. That was the driving force of the project from the beginning to the end to give the power to young people. “Equality and sexual health are not self-evident even in...

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  • Contraception for all women and girls worldwide

    • September 12, 2016
    • Netherlands

    Countdown 2015 Europe partner in the Netherlands, Rutgers, has launched a campaign #HappyBirthControl asking public to show support for contraceptive access worldwide. In the Netherlands, all kinds of contraception are available. Access to contraceptives is taken for granted, just as it is taken for granted that one can make choices...

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  • Everyone has a right to sexual health and family planning

    • September 08, 2016
    • Finland

    Väestöliitto, Countdown 2015 Europe partner in Finland, joins forces with the Helsinki International Film Festival Love & Anarchy to give a voice to young people. By curating a section of the festival called “Let’s talk about sex”, Väestöliitto provides a platform for young people to express their own opinions on...

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