Humanitarian aid funding to sexual and reproductive health and rights by European donors

Despite some increases in financial support for SRHR in emergencies, funding is still inadequate to meet the needs of the growing number of crisis-affected communities and rarely prioritised. In that light, Countdown 2030 Europe committed to work to increase financial and political commitments by European donor countries to SRHR in emergency settings. Among other initiatives, the Consortium commissioned a study designed to get a better understanding of humanitarian finance streams. Through desk research and interviews with donors, information about trends and, where possible, data was gathered on SRHR funding in humanitarian assistance.

The information publicly available on humanitarian funding for SRHR is very limited and the study confirmed that there is neither reliable nor consistent knowledge on the extent of the funding gap. The study represents one of the very few attempts that have been made to try and better understand this gap. It starts to describe the reasons behind it and provides examples of some initiatives that can potentially minimise and eventually solve it.

Find the factsheet that summarizes the findings of the research here

Photo: IPPF_Masada Vuikadavu_Fiji