Joining Voices: Spotlight on Family planning

10 advocacy tools developed by Joining Voices advocacy project: ‘Spotlight on Family Planning’.

These two-page snapshots from ten countries – Senegal, Ghana, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan – demonstrate progress governments towards FP2020 commitments that were made at the London Family Planning Summit in 2012. They offer a unique perspective by IPPF Member Associations and their collaborating partners, on the successes and gaps in government’s efforts to strive towards making family planning services available to 120 million additional women and girls by the year 2020. Not only do they highlight how the governments’ pledges translate to grassroots-level impact, they also demonstrate civil society’s contribution in meeting local needs so that women, no matter where they live have access to lifesaving contraceptives.

Spotlight: Bangladesh

Spotlight: Ghana

Spotlight: India

Spotlight: Indonesia


Spotlight: Pakistan

Spotlight: Philippines

Spotlight: Senegal

Spotlight: Zambia

Spotlight: Zimbabwe

Photo: IPPF_Kathleen-Prior_Indonesia

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